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“Holding children as they take their last breaths.
“Holding children as they take their last breaths.
You'll never feel more vulnerable than you do in that moment.”

Ricky Mena is one of my favorite Bay Area People.
I love everyone about this guy and what he does.

He dresses up like Spiderman and brings joy and happiness to children who are very sick.
So far he’s visited over 10,000 of them.

In some cases he gets close to the kids.
In some cases he watches them die.
I imagine that’s like someone ripping out his heart.

He even had to take time off recently because it was taking such a toll on him not being able to save the kids.

Here’s what Ricky wrote today.
I find that when he talks I listen.
There’s no crap.
He doesn’t say things for effect.
He writes from his heart.
And he has one of the biggest hearts I know.
This is his post:

I’ve done so much in my 34 year life.

Played sports, Worked hard labor, Wrote/Performed Music, and eventually became Spider-Man for children battling the odds all across the world.

I’ve always been a person who challenged himself and took risks more than the average person would.

I was always the one who went to unthinkable lengths to accomplish dreams and goals.

Taking that many risks means I’m much more vulnerable and believe me, I’ve taken a lot more "losses" than "Victories" in life but what’s been the most difficult?
Holding children as they take their last breaths.
You'll never feel more vulnerable than you do in that moment.

Every other difficulty in life, I’ve been able to shake and move forward.
But this?
It's something I’ll never shake and I’ve come to terms with it.
I simply move forward WITH it.

I’ve suited up as Spider-Man for almost 4 years now and have stepped foot in front of about 10,300 children.

Me being able to continue is based on my faith in God and his faith in me but no matter where I go, the children will always be a part of me.

The sacrifice has been beyond worth it and I wont stop.
With PTSD/Anxiety and all.

I literally just sold my car TODAY to come up with extra money to do more for kids considering the organization has been low on funds.

That’s nothing in the big scheme of things compared to the emotional and mental toll it takes on me.
I’ll do whatever I have to do to keep this going!

With all that being said, I feel stronger than I ever have.
Up for the challenges because they'll make me better.

Down to sacrifice because it'll benefit children and all of you who need inspiration.
This is bigger than being Spider-Man.
It’s more difficult and challenging to be HUMAN.

Today, Tomorrow, and forever, regardless of what life throws at me, the fight goes on!
Goodnight and God Bless
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