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A little slice of life at the airport in Chicago.
A little slice of life at the airport in Chicago.

Leina Richard sent me this.
It’s a pretty cool story about how two military veterans spontaneously came together in the terminal.

What stood out to me are their expressions.
I see a mutual respect and understanding.

Here’s what she wrote:

I was traveling from SFO and had a layover in Chicago.
These two gentlemen are veterans and were both sporting their respective caps.

The gentleman in the white shirt was seated.
When he saw the other gentleman approach he literally leapt out of his seat to greet him with a hearty hug and handshake.

The gentleman in the black jacket wasn't expecting it but welcomed the greeting with a smile, a thank you for your service and a brief chat about where they served.

It was simply a beautiful moment in the rush and push of a crowded airport.

What a great way to start my vacation.

---Leina Richard

Leina later told me that the man dressed in black had a Vietnam Veteran’s hat on.
But she wasn’t sure where the other man served.

As I said at the top, to me there’s just something about they way they are looking at each other.

The smile.
The respect.
The understanding.

I’m assuming there is a natural bond among veterans.
It’s pretty cool.


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