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My Love Music Video- By Alex Lucero
My name is Alex Lucero from Oakdale California, now living in Santa Cruz for the last three years as a full-time musician. I write my own material, book my own shows anywhere from 5-8 times a week and self promote my solo career as well as my awesome band Live Again.
Here is one of my original songs, "My Love".
I wrote this song to portray all the pain my girlfriend of 6 years, Justina has gone through in the past almost two years with her back. She had intensive back surgery and has gone from being the most active person I know to grimacing while she's sitting... Nonetheless she is still such an upbeat person living every day as best she can. It shows how strong of a person she is and that when in pain remember that "Nothing's gonna bring you down".
Because it's true. No matter how screwed up life can be, despite how far you feel yourself plummeting down, you still ALWAYS have the power to bring yourself back up!!!!
Please take the time to check out this music video.
Thank you!!
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