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There is something about sharks.
There is something about sharks.
I’ve also wanted to go down in a shark cage.
Not sure if I have the nerve.

But my friend Euan Rannachan goes every year to Guadalupe off the coast of Mexico.

He sent me some incredible pictures.
Including the 2nd one which shows just how big that Shark is.

Here’s what Euan wrote:

We use surface cages.
I love the interaction with the sharks.
I use regular Nikon cameras in a special underwater housing.

This was a female.
She spanned both cages making her over 12ft probably closer to 15-16

It’s a surreal experience.
There is a part of you right before they swing that door of the cage open and a 16ft great white swims past you think “should I really be doing this?!”

But once you are in there and all there is the sound of your breather and the thoughts in your mind.
It’s actually very peaceful.

Hard to believe but they are very slow and methodical.
But when they go into attack mode they have a tremendous speed and that’s something to behold.
But for the majority of the time they just silently glide past us.

They are very curious and bang into the cage
I’ve pushed some of them away with my camera

The sharks love shiny stuff so we try and get their attention with our cameras.
Kind of shake them in the water at them.

Then you see their eyes.
That line in Jaws when Quint says “black like a dolls eyes” when he’s talking about their eyes is totally true.

---Euan Rannachan

If you want to see more of Euan’s pictures you can go to


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