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This is hands down the ANGRIEST I’ve ever gotten from a comment that I received.
This is hands down the ANGRIEST I’ve ever gotten from a comment that I received.

It's despicable what this person sent me.
I’m not going to name him.
But this is part of what he wrote:

“You’re certainly a nasty example of a role model.
Me thinks you are a boring liberal, left-wing gay psychological nutcase.
Go live in Iran or some other country.
Stop polluting America.”

How dare he tell me to go live in Iran or some other country.
Who the hell does he think he is.

I was born here.
I'm an American.
A damn proud American.

I swear I’ve never been this ^%#%# mad.
It’s just so bizarre that another American thinks he has the right to tell ME that I’m not American enough and that I should go live somewhere else.

It makes me understand on a personal level what it’s like when people tell other Americans that they should go back to Mexico or India or the Middle East or Africa.

What the hell is wrong with people?
Is this really what we’ve become?
We're better than this!!!!

This is America.
This is the United States of America.
We stand for something.

But what this guy said to me is disgusting.
It's NOT what America is about.

As a 60 year-old white dude who grew up in Berkeley, I’ve never had to experience something like this.

But I’m actually glad this happened.
Because I’ve always THOUGHT I knew what it felt like.

In reality I had no idea.
Now for the first time I truly get it.

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