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I believe in forgiveness.
I believe in forgiveness.
I believe in second chances.

But I’m having a real tough time right now with 49ers linebacker Rueben Foster and why he is still on the team.

Today FELONY domestic violence charges were filed against him.
If he’s convicted he could face up to 11 years in prison.

I get that anyone can make accusations.
But in this case authorities investigated for two months.
And after that they decided there was enough evidence to charge him.

Foster is also accused of dragging his live in girlfriend by her hair out of his house and punching her in the head 8-10 times.
She was bruised and suffered a ruptured ear drum.

He’s also being charged with inflicting great bodily injury, forcefully attempting to prevent a victim from reporting a crime and possession of an assault weapon.

Again ALL of these charges are FELONIES.

The 49ers released a statement today saying:

“The 49ers organization is aware of today’s disturbing charges regarding Reuben Foster.
We will continue to follow this serious matter. Reuben is aware that his place in our organization is under great scrutiny and will depend on what is learned through the legal process.”

The 49ers new management has made a point of saying that they will treat these kinds of matters differently from how they have in the past.

Think Aldon Smith and Ray McDonald.

(Smith was found drunk in his car at 7:30 on a Friday morning after he ran the curb and ended up in someone’s front yard. Not only was he allowed to practice later that day, he was also allowed to play in a game that Sunday)

In fairness, the 49ers cut starting cornerback Tramaine Brock last year one day after he was charged with trying to strangle his girlfriend.

But Reuban Foster was a first round pick by new 49er’s GM John Lynch.
He’s one of the best players on the team.
So obviously have a lot invested in him.

Again I believe strongly in forgiveness and second chances.

At the same time I can’t help but believe that if Foster was a second string linebacker he would no longer be a member of the 49ers.

On a personal note, I have two daughters.
And someone who beats up women is NOT someone who I want to watch play football on Sundays.


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