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“My husband has been in the military for 20 years now - we have 3 kids - 2 are in college now - this has been their life
“My husband has been in the military for 20 years now - we have 3 kids - 2 are in college now - this has been their life - they don't know life without war.”

Nonja Hayden Wrote
April is the month to recognize the children of members of the military and what they go through.

I admit that we tend to focus on the person actually serving.
Most of us probably don’t think as much about their families and the sacrifices they have to make so mom or dad can go off to war.

Here’s the rest of what Nonja wrote:

I was in the Army and left to marry my husband who is in the Air Force - we have moved so so so many times.

He has deployed 5 times for 6-9 months at a time.

We now live in South Korea.
One of the reasons we picked Korea (2 1/2 years ago) was because it was one of the few bases that he would not deploy from... and then all the crazy started (Between the U.S. and North Korea).

I don't think people realize that this almost 20 years of conflict has fallen on the backs of such a small number of career military and their families especially the kids.

This year marks 20 for my husband, 17 at war.
The toll on career military families is heartbreaking.

We do it - without complaint because to be honest with you we truly believe what we are doing makes a difference.

For the most part our kids, they just don't know any better.

My parents were military and I grew up in the military but it was never like this.

Don't get me wrong, we take care of our own.
We are a VERY close knit community who make our own heart family, but I really feel like the general public does not understand the sacrifice of the youngest, the ones who have no choice.

These kids they just adsorb the consequences of years and years and years of deployments and missing their parent and knowing in their heart that they come second to the mission.

Sometimes it takes my breath away - I asked our 14yo son if he feels safe living in Korea - he says - Of Course Mom - I have to go in a base through a gate with armed guards and machine guns every morning.

Because we do it every day we just don't see it anymore.

I just think he and all the other kids of military families need recognition and props.

What other families talk about evacuation and practice leaving in case of war, without a blink and then go on to their soccer game?

These kids are AMAZING.

Strong and so so resilient - these are kids we need to recognize and hug.

April is the month of the military child - find a "military brat", find a charity that supports them.

Stop telling my husband thank you - start telling the little kid standing next to him - Thank you - this country appreciates your sacrifice.

Credits: Nonja Hayden
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