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“We met this guy this morning and he asked to ride (dirt bikes) with us.
“We met this guy this morning and he asked to ride (dirt bikes) with us.
He had a prosthetic leg.”

This is a story about how you can always find a way to do something if you have the heart and the desire.
And it sounds like Pancho (in the middle) has a lot of both.

Kevin Burns posted this about Pancho.
He said:

Dude rode black diamonds with one leg.
He shifts up with the rope!

(On dirt bikes you shift with your feet so he hooked up his bike so he could shift with his hand attached to a rope)

I got friends who tell me they are too old, too fat, and every other excuse in the book.

Truth is, anyone can ride, and with enough desire you can ride black diamonds too!

If we all had half the determination Pancho has, we could do anything!!

---Kevin Burns

Another rider who was there that day was Darren Woodworth.
He said:

What a Great day to be Alive and witness Pancho's desire to not give up.

A few of those black Diamonds we went up were fierce and had me scared for myself and Pancho.

Then I look back and witness Pancho falling down and getting back up like it was nothing just so he could ride to the top.

Really good experience riding today.
Pancho's a Beast.

--Darren Woodworth

This story is just a reminder about how much many of us, including me, come up with excuses for why we can’t do something.

Instead Pancho seems to embody the phrase:
“Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

Amen to that.


Thanks to Jesenia Stewart for sending me this story.

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