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I felt like I needed a story like this today.
I felt like I needed a story like this today.

Delayne Whiteside posted this and it’s gone viral.
He wrote:

I want to take this time to acknowledge officer Arnett.
He pulled up behind me after he saw I caught a blowout on I-71 S .

I proceeded to, as instructed in my conceal & carry class, to show him my ID and Conceal & Carry license and let him know I was carrying a firearm on my person.

He says “Nah, I’m not here for all of that, I’m just here to help you change your tire sir”

We had a couple laughs about me being a white-collar guy and not a handy man, about our kids mine grown...his twins 1 1/2 and we left shaking hands.

We still have a long way to go in Police/African American citizen relations ....but as Ice Cube would say....
Today Was A Good Day!

—-Delayne Whiteside

I still believe that someday color won’t matter and won’t be an issue.

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