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This is incredible.
This is incredible.
(And pretty clever)

A homeless person actually set up a campsite ON TOP of the Amtrak Station in Antioch.

The Antioch Police Department posted this on their Facebook page:

A concerned citizen reported a transient subject lowering a bike off the top of the Amtrak Station.

Officer Lenderman determined someone had set up an unsafe camp on the roof.

Public Works offered to put Officer Lenderman in a boom truck and put him on the roof.

Due to safety concerns, the camp had to be immediately abated.

Homelessness is not a crime and we try to get our homeless citizens into services so they can have a stable environment.

---Antioch Police Department

I don't know what happened to the person who was living there.
But I have to say he's pretty clever.

I've read that 25% of the U.S. homeless population lives in California.

And as someone who grew up in the Bay Area I can say that never in my life have I seen so many homeless encampments.

I don’t know what the answer is.
All I know is that we have to do something.
Because it sure seems like the problem is just getting worse.

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