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This Woman's Quest To Return A Lost Fancy Pen Is A WILD Ride!

It started off innocently enough. Lara Bertani was on a flight from New Orleans to Atlanta when an anxious sounding man caught her attention. He was asking the people around him if they had seen a pen on the ground. Curious, she listened in and noted that he seemed very disappointed when it couldn’t be found. After the flight landed, she kept here eyes on the ground…and found his pen! Unfortunately, now she couldn’t find the man!

She picked it up and immediately realized why they man had been upset; the pen had been expensive! It was heavier than any pen she’d ever held and was determined to give it back. What if it had sentimental value?

I walked quickly through the airport and then around baggage claim trying to find him. I failed. Was he in the men’s room crying for his lost pen?!” she wrote.

The airline wouldn’t give out his personal information, and the airport hadn’t gotten any requests for a missing pen. She turned to Facebook.

“Fancy Pen Seeks Fancy Owner” she advertised. I’ve been fostering this pen for the last few days. From the photos, you can see I’ve given it a great home, but I’m sure it longs for its owner and I’m sure the owner is sitting at home, penless, and drowning his sorrows in fancy scotch.”

She hoped that her plea would find its way to him…

He didn’t have Facebook, but his wife did! They started messaging back and forth with photos of the pen as proof, and he was so grateful for her good nature and persistence that he gave her a gift: a fancy pen of her very own!

‘I could not stand the thought of you going through life without at least one fancy pen so I bought you one of my favorites.’” He wrote!

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