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A perfect story to end the weekend with.
“I’m convinced little Mitzie was dropped down from heaven, into my lap, so I could deliver her to my dear neighbor, Chuck.”

Nancy Saldivar Contreras sent me this story about a stray puppy that showed up at her door.

That puppy now has a new home with her 93 year old neighbor whose wife recently died.

You might say it was love at first sight between Mitzie and Chuck.

Here’s what Nancy wrote me about asking her neighbors if they knew who the puppy belonged to:

The first home I visited belonged to my 93-year-old neighbor.
He had recently lost his wife of 75 years.

Whenever we saw him at the mailbox, or as we were taking our walk, he always expressed how much he missed his wife and how lonely he was.

My heart ached for him.

After knocking on his door several times, and almost walking away, he finally opened the door.

Chuck looked at me holding the puppy and his face lit up as he smiled from ear to ear.

He stared at the puppy as I asked him if she belonged to him.
He sadly replied, no.

I explained to him how she was found and that I was going from house to house looking for her home.
He continued smiling as he looked at the puppy.

I asked him if no one claimed her, if he was willing to keep her.

Chuck gleamed with excitement and said he would love to keep her, but he was positive she already had a home.

So I told him I would continue knocking on doors.
However, if no one claimed her, I would return her, to him.
He nodded yes, smiled, and crossed his fingers.

After speaking with most of my neighbors, no one was missing their puppy.

So, as I promised, I returned the puppy to Chuck.

I explained to him that we were going to post a photo on our community webpage and send out an email with her photo.
So he agreed to keep her until someone claimed her.

As I handed Chuck the puppy, he began chuckling.
She licked him and settled easily into his arms.
I don’t think I have ever seen him so happy!

Three weeks later, “Mitzy” is happily living with Chuck.
His daughter-in-law thanked me for bringing this bundle of joy into her father’s life.

She expressed how Chuck was so lonely after losing his wife.
Mitzy changed all of that.
She has brought him much happiness.

Chuck updated us with the changes he made to his home and backyard so that Mitzy “is safe and has a comfortable place to play”.

He said Mitzy is good company—he now has someone to regularly talk to.

“She keeps me busy with all her energy!”

----Nancy Saldivar Contreras

Chuck’s smile is priceless.
And Mitzy looks so happy too.

Credits: Nancy Saldivar Contreras
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