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This cartoon is both beautiful and heartbreaking.
This cartoon is both beautiful and heartbreaking.
Pia Guerra drew this.
She calls it a “Hero’s Welcome.”

A little girl saying:
"Come on Mister Feis!
So many of us want to meet you!"

Mr. Feis is Aaron Feis.
He was shot and killed in the school massacre in Florida last week while trying to protect his students.
He gave his life to save others.
He was a hero.

Pia Guerra says the little girl and all the people behind her represent all the people killed in mass school shootings.

She also told the Washington Post that part of what makes her drawing so powerful is the simplicity of it:

"When you leave something open enough to interpretation, more people can find something in it.”

Guerra’s drawing has gone viral on her Twitter account.

One person wrote:
“Pia, I thought I couldn't cry anymore from the last two days.
When I saw your drawing, I cried hysterically for a half hour and I couldn't stop...
God bless you for drawing this!”

I so agree with that.

I hope that Aaron Feis and all the others didn't die in vain.

I hope that this time we can FINALLY come together as a country and have an honest debate and discussion about guns, gun violence, and mental health.

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