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A Special Valentine: Kind gesture towards bullied 12-year-old girl is amazing
On Friday afternoon, 15-year-old Isaiah Greiner nervously made his way through the lunch room at East Clinton Junior High School.

His arms were filled with flowers, candy, and a huge teddy bear.

Isaiah was looking for family friend Aislinn Bowermaster. A family member followed behind recording him. Isaiah found Aislinn, handed over the gift, and the hug the two exchanged was priceless.

Aislinn had a rough Valentine's Day when she brought gifts and treats for her entire class and hoped someone would at least give a kind word in return. That didn’t happen.

That day, the 12-year-old got nothing but cruelty for her attempted kindness.

Her mother, Kristin Hastings, immediately knew something was wrong.

“I picked her up from the bus stop and she was in tears and when I asked her what was going on. She said that she had had the worst Valentine's Day ever,” said Hastings.

To make matters worse, Aislinn told her mother that another child taunted her about it and made fun of her appearance.

Tears filled her eyes as she talked about the pain that she saw on her daughter’s face.

“She asked me, she said, Mommy, why don't they like me? Which breaks your heart as a parent,” said Hastings.

When Isaiah heard what happened, he wanted to do something to let Aislinn know she's important, too. He left her a special message buried in the bunch or roses.

Aislinn pulled it the small card from her pocket and read it with a smile.

“It says ‘Happy Valentine's Day. Remember how pretty you are.’ It made me feel really, really good. I always had a positive attitude for the rest of the day after that," said Aislinn.

Isaiah explained why he felt compelled to help.

“It touched me,” Isaiah said. “cause you shouldn't be judged on how you look or how you dress or stuff like that.”

Both families are even closer now than they were before. Isaiah showed compassion for another. It's a lesson that's contagious.

“The fact that so many children in that cafeteria were smiling, applauding, cheering for her good fortune,” Hastings said. She pointed to the tears on her face and finished the thought. “These are for Isaiah because he single-handedly restored her faith and I think her faith in humanity.”
Credits: Abby Howell
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