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Woman Visits Doctor After Getting Sick, Almost Faints When He Reveals Rare Pregnancy

Sometimes, a seemingly insignificant choice can make a huge impact on our lives.

That’s what Nicola Stead learned recently after a trip to the doctor.

Nicola had been taking birth control pills for over 10 years but went off them for two days before starting a different form of contraceptive.

A short time later, she started feeling really sick.

At first, Nicola thought she might just be getting the flu, but as time went on she realized her symptoms seemed kind of like an extreme form of morning sickness.

Wanting to rule out pregnancy, Nicola took a pregnancy test, and that’s when she and her partner, Chris, got a big surprise – they were expecting!

“I’d always thought I would struggle to conceive for some reason so when I found out it was a complete shock,” Nicola said.

Little did they know that the really big surprise still lay ahead of them…

About five weeks later, after opting for an early scan, the doctor gave them some news that left them floored. Not only were they expecting, but they were going to have triplets!

“The sonographer couldn’t see anything at first and I thought I’d lost them,” Nicola recalled, “but after an internal scan they revealed we were expecting triplets and they were non-identical. We couldn’t believe it, we were was scared, excited, anxious all in one.”

While the news was a big shock and took some getting used to, Nicola and Chris soon began to get excited about welcoming three new little lives into their world.

Nicola worried that she wouldn’t be strong enough to do it, but amazingly she managed to carry the babies to about 33 and a half weeks.

On December 27, they welcomed two boys and a girl – Joshua James, Oliver George, and Mila Rose – each weighing just over four pounds.

The babies had to spend two weeks in the hospital building up strength, but soon they were ready to go home.

Taking care of baby triplets is a lot of work – they go through 150 diapers each week and do three loads of laundry every day – but the family has quickly settled into a good routine.

“Looking after the triplets is a full-time job, but Joshua, Oliver, and Mila all tend to wake up and feed at the same time,” Nicola said. “I’ve swapped my small car for a seven-seater for the triplets and I’m constantly changing nappies, sorting feeds, or washing clothes.”

While taking care of the babies can be exhausting and they know life will never be the same, Chris and Nicola wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Now that they’re here, we couldn’t imagine our lives without them,” Nicola said. “It was definitely the best surprise we’ve ever had.”

“Our lives have changed dramatically since we found out we were expecting triplets,” she added, “but we wouldn’t change it for the world.”

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Credits: Nicola Stead
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