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Mom Can’t Stop Laughing Over Son’s Attempt to Use a Rotary Phone – and it’s Hilarious
Millennials may already be natural pros at maneuvering the mysterious inner-workings of smart phones – but when given a more old school piece of technology, things might get a little confusing.

Earlier this month, for example, Kimberly Phillips of Parks, Louisiana posted an extremely relatable video of her teenage son struggling to successfully dial a rotary phone.

Her son, Braylon Daigle, can be seen repeatedly trying to dial a phone number, only to pick up the phone from the cradle, hear the dial tone, hang up, and try again. His mom, meanwhile, simply can’t contain her laughter.

After about a minute and a half of struggling to figure out the strange device, Daigle gets frustrated and pulls out his smart phone to call the rotary phone and see if it works.

Credits: Kimberly Phillips
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