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Supportive Friends Come Together With Wine and Wedding Dresses For ‘Divorce Party’
Upon finding out that her divorce was about to be finalized in December, Nicole Niesner was prepared to endure a lonely night in by herself. Her friends, on the other hand, were not about to let that happen.

The 36-year-old resident of Saskatchewan came home from work one day only to be surprised by a bunch of her gal pals showing up at her house with wedding dresses in hand for a “divorce party”.

The friends, who are all still married, donned the gowns as a means of taking some of the sting out of Niesner’s divorce.

Niesner herself dug her own dress out of her basement so the gang could spend the night drinking wine and reminiscing on the ups and downs of their own marriages.

“[We] kept it really positive, drank some wine, ate some food. [The wedding dresses] were on most of the time, everybody was really digging that,” Niesner told Inside Edition. “Even though I am okay with being divorced, it just lifted me up and reminded me that I am loved and that I have lots of great people in my life.”

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