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Toddler Launches Into Hilarious Tirade Because She “Can’t Stop Dreaming About Waffles.”
If you’re a fan of the show “Parks and Recreation,” you know that Leslie Knope has a thing about waffles. In her mind, there’s nothing better than sitting down at her favorite diner, JJ’s, and hashing out a deal with other city officials over one of her massive binders and a big plate of waffles – preferably slathered in whip cream. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, doesn’t matter.

This adorable little girl – who, in all likelihood, just needs a nice, long nap – is Leslie’s mini-me.

Her mom, Julia Rowland, posted a video last month that shows her little girl in the throes of distress because … she can’t stop dreaming about waffles!

“I just can’t stop thinking about waffles,” she says with an adorably quivering lower lip.

“Well, you had waffles for dinner and you had waffles for breakfast,” Julia patiently explains. “So, we’re going to eat something else.”

But how can her mom expect her to eat anything else, much less be satisfied, when waffles are even popping up in her dreams?

“Why can’t I stop dreaming about waffles?” she sobs.

Mom posted the video on her Facebook page in early January, and it appears waffle cravings are a common dilemma, since almost every person who commented tagged one or more friends:

If they ever decide to bring back “Parks and Recreation,” this cute little girl is a definite shoe-in for the starring role. Watch the clip below, and share with another waffle lover today!

Credits: Julia Barrow Rowland
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