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Dyslexia Uncensored
Beyond getting a couple letters backwards dyslexia leaves adults with an invisible backpack weighing them down.
My Journey
By Donna Gargett

I am on a journey and I want to explain if from the start.
See, I was the quiet kid in the class, eyes to the floor.
First to help the teacher, but last to finish my work.
First to be quiet, last to finish the test.
First to clean off my desk, last to turn in my paper.
First to stay for tutoring only to get a C or D.

I was different and I thought it was a bad thing.
I was struggling and beat myself up inside.
The bruises on the inside and the internal bleeding never seeped its way out.
I was struggling and hurting and scared and anxious, but no one knew.
I had a secret and its name wasn’t given to me until college and even then it was a whisper... dyslexia.

Finally a reason for the struggle all those years.
A tissue, some accommodations with a wink and a smile, the worst was over.
But “it’s hereditary” rang in my ears as I think of what would become of my child.
I thought I would not have children to stop this cycle.
A ridicules solution, but for years it was my solution, until I truly fell in love.

As my child got to school... I saw my reflection staring back at me.
And I knew its name and searched and searched to find someone to agree with me
Yes, she said dyslexia. So, what is the solution that I was never offered?
A method that has evidence that it helps, but the schools where I live are not using it.
A solution to my life’s problem stares at me, a solution for my daughters’ problem lays before me, but no one wants to pick it up.
Nothing has changed... I never fought for change... and nothing changed!

I put on my boxing gloves and swing at it and get others to say the word DYSLEXIA
There is a solution for a problem that affects not just my child, but one in five!!!
I write the word on my daughters head and scream it Dyslexia and here is the solution!
I pick it up, but I am just one, a tutoring company was born, but it is still not enough!
No child should feel alone, lost, misunderstood, anxious, confused and hurt when there is a solution!
Teach our children the way they learn! Teach our children the way they learn!
And there will be no more ... that is how we end the cycle of shame.
I love my daughter and through her I have learned to love myself! To stand up for the things that I need to succeed and to stand up for the things all children need!
Our differences are celebrated in a creative community of talented smart people.

I am on a journey to put the solution in place!
I have helped a few but I am hungry to help more because all I see is my reflection.
Dyslexia- I know the secret in your head, the struggle in your heart, the tears on the pages.
I say look up, the answer is here, LOOK UP and join me on my journey.
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