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The Best Ellens Birthday Present Ever
You were all there for the "13 Days of Halloween with Lavender", and then for "The 12 Days of Christmas with Lavender", and now my newest project to raise awareness for Trisomy 18 and my baby girl is called "Compatible with Costumes"!

I'm going to be dressing Lavender up every month as a different public icon that has inspired me. I knew when I came up with this idea months ago that the first icon I wanted to feature HAD to be Ellen Degeneres! So, what better day would there be to kick off this project than on Ellen's 60th Birthday! Ellen is such a light in this world. We love that she chooses to live her life on the basis of joy and kindness, just like our family does. Like Dory, Lavender is beautifully unique. She has faced many challenges and has endured more in her first year of life than most people do in a lifetime, but she is still here! She is still fighting! She is still swimming!

This little project is so much more than making silly costumes to post on the internet. It is my mission to show the world that having a child with special needs isn't a life of doom. It is hard work but there is so much happiness in our home. Life without Lavender isn't life at all.

HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY, ELLEN! I hope this post makes it's way to you and puts a smile on your face!
Credits: Loving Lavender
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Legend 350 points
Lavender is on Magazine of Life too
+11 votes
Feb 10, 2018
clem55 300 points
This sweet baby and her family  are beyond belief how loving they are . Lavi has brought smiles , tears, hope and inspiration to all of us.
+7 votes
Feb 10, 2018
Achristensen87 290 points
Watching her grow through Facebook has been amazing!! Her family is truly amazing, her Mom has the best heart and attitude.
+6 votes
Feb 10, 2018
kfrawilks 170 points
watching this family continue to persevere despite Lavenders condition is inspiring!  The are spreading joy and happiness.
+1 vote
Feb 12, 2018