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Cancer survivor bakes Ellen Cake
This is my 10yr old son Ty. He is a retinoblastoma survivor. At the age of 2 he lost his right eye due to cancer. While in the hospital he would watch cooking shows. He turned to cooking as a way to forget about his pain. He bakes and decorates cookies and cakes to raise money for the Children of St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He has raised over $3000 and continues to look for ways of helping others through his baking skills. He loves to watch your show everyday and you have brought him so much joy. Because of you, he has learned what giving is all about. He loves to bring joy to peoples faces and would do anything to make the world a better place. He would love to meet you one day and show you some of his baking skills. He has come a long way and hopes to open his own bakery/ restaurant when he is older. Seeing how hard he fought through his cancer and all the chemo and seeing where he is now brings so much joy to my heart. He is the strongest and bravest little boy I know and I’m proud to call him my son. His birthday is coming up in March and I would love for him to meet you. Thank you Ellen for all you do and for bringing so much joy to my little boy.
We love you!
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Ty Crowninshield

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