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She Cancelled Her Appointment, But They Sent Someone To Her House Anyway When She Explained Why!

Receiving a charge for a cancelled appointment is what most people would expect when they realize they won’t be able to make it, but this company does things differently!

Lindsay Pualoa had scheduled an annual furnace check to make sure that everything was in order, but she knew she just wouldn’t be able to handle it that day. The night before, her son had gotten sick and neither one of them had gotten any sleep. He needed extra attention, so she called her local HVAC company and cancelled the appointment.

I just apologized for the late notice, said I had a sick kid at home, and didn’t think much more about it.”

Hours later, the doorbell rang. She knew she had cancelled the appointment, but instead of finding a misinformed specialist, she was greeted with a bouquet of flowers instead!
They sent flowers along with a note hoping that her boy would be feeling better soon!

The company, AllTech Services, knew that their customers were people too, and that this exhausted mom had a lot to handle that day. She could use a bit of cheer to brighten up her frustrating day!

She shared the story with her friends and family…but the incredible gesture quickly went viral!

Image Lindsay Halpin Pualoa

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