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Successful co-parenting from two moms who fought their way to make it work and DID
“The beautiful angel in the middle is our daughter, Erika. We are co-parents. My name is Jennifer (right). I am the ‘Bonus-Mom,’ and Christi (left) is her ‘Bio-Mom.’ Here we stand together, all smiles, at OUR daughter’s bridal shower.

Jennifer Wedel
Labels weren’t something we were ever really concerned about. Although, looking back, I am sure we had label thoughts in the beginning. However, we were both moms and found ways to connect on ‘mom’ levels. We purposed in our hearts before she even started kindergarten that it would ALWAYS be about her, NO MATTER WHAT!

Her father wouldn’t even let me in his child’s life if I wasn’t willing to see the importance of keeping peace with Bio-Mom.


Was it a walk in the park? No.

Were there nights of doubt, jealousy and confusion? Yes.

Did we always see eye to eye? No.

Were there fights, tears and heartache? Yes.

However, we both pressed forward for OUR daughter. We put away our pride, our differences, and came together as moms.

Marriage sometimes isn’t ‘happily ever after,’ but that doesn’t mean the FAMILY has to come to an end. It just means we have to work harder for our children. If you truly love your child like you say, it won’t be easy, but successful co-parenting is POSSIBLE. The love will come, the compassion will seep out of your heart for the ‘other,’ (whether that be the Bio or Bonus Mom) and if you stay focused on what really matters you’ll both be the most proud ‘Mothers of the Bride’ one day!


A day all moms (Bio or Bonus) dream about with their daughters.

The eighteenth of August two thousand seventeen. The day we three gave our daughter away to be married.

As you can see from the photos we were are all smiles. It was a magical and beautiful day. Most importantly, we did it together. Side by side.

Honestly, I couldn’t have done it without Christi by my side, and she would tell you the same thing. All of our daughter’s special events were done together. Why would this day be any different?

It took time, patience and practice over the years on everyone’s part for us to achieve what we did that beautiful day. It was hard work at times, but the end result was magical.

Our daughter knows love, commitment, compassion, forgiveness, and the joy that comes with putting others first. She came from a broken home that was turned into a big, beautiful, blended family. All because a Dad, a Mom, and Bonus Mom put her first, and committed to each other that we would love our daughter with ALL our hearts NO MATTER what.

LOVE is WHAT MATTERS – for every child.”

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Jennifer Wedel, 35, of Fort Worth, Texas. Share your story here.

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