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People Can’t Stop Laughing At This Kid Who Refuses To Admit Onion Isn’t An Apple
‘When you’d rather die than admit your mistake’

Have you ever been in the middle of an argument when you suddenly realize you are wrong? You’re already so deep into it that you refuse to admit your mistake, so you stubbornly hold your ground, even though you know you’re fighting a losing battle.

That’s the exact situation this little guy found himself in when he came across of pot of onions his mom was getting ready to cook for dinner.

Thinking they were apples, the tot asked his mom if he could have one.

“That’s not an apple! That’s an onion!” she told him.

Anyone who has been around stubborn toddlers will recognize his following response:

“No, it’s not!”

There’s a reason that age is called the Terrible Twos – it’s the time when kids are exploring their independence and don’t want to be told “no.”

This stubborn little guy insisted they were apples and picked one up.

At this point, his mom figured she’d let him take a bite so he’d realize his mistake and put it down, but he was not about to concede that he was wrong!

Gesa Croonen posted the hilarious video of what he did next, and when you see it you’ll know why 63 million people are already laughing at this toddler’s response!

As soon as he took that first bite he realized his mistake, but he was not about to admit it! He continued to take large bites out of the onion and stare his mom defiantly in the face, even as tears began to pour out of his eyes.

“When you’d rather die than admit your mistake,” Gesa captioned the video.

Many people have said they can relate to this toddler’s show of stubbornness. Perhaps this video will serve as a good reminder to us all that sometimes it’s just better to let things go and concede defeat!

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Credits: Gesa Croonen
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