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10-year-old surprised with adopted baby sister under Christmas tree

“For seven years my husband, Adam, and I have battled the infertility war.

We started our family back in 2007 when our first child, Owynn, was born. We always wanted at least two children. I grew up in a very large, tight-knit family. I had 14 siblings, so I knew how important a sibling would be to Owynn. But after five miscarriages and unsuccessful in vitro, we surrendered our journey to God.

We thought we would try and do foster care. Owynn was asking for a sibling, adding it to his Christmas list to Santa, and asking a lot of questions. He and I had a lot of deep conversations about how sometimes God doesn’t always answer our prayers exactly how we intend him to.

After my husband and I took an introduction to foster care class we knew foster care was not a good fit for our family at that time. We knew the goal of fostering was to place that child back with his or her family, and our hearts were too sensitive — we knew that part may be extremely hard for our family. My son was heartbroken.

In June by the grace of God we were introduced to an amazing young woman, Kendra, who wanted to place her baby for adoption. We knew it was a one in a million chance she would pick us, but our prayers were answered. We kept the whole situation from our 10-year-old son knowing that the chances were high the birth mom may change her mind. We already knew his feelings on becoming a sibling, and we knew we couldn’t get his hopes up again just to crush his heart.

On December 6, Naylee was born. A healthy baby girl.

I was there to witness her birth along with Kendra’s sister. Adam and some of Kendra’s family waited outside. When Adam came in to meet Naylee for the first time I saw his eyes light up, something I had only saw one other time — when Owynn was born.

We stayed in the hospital with Naylee and didn’t leave her side until Kendra gave us permission to take her home.

On December 8 we got to bring our little girl home to her forever big brother! I was excited when Kendra asked if she could be there when we surprised Owynn, and I knew that was important for her, and for us, to have her there.

Owynn had no clue. It was the best Christmas gift ever.

We are absolutely in love. At times we still just look at her and can’t believe how blessed we are. We knew God played a role in all of this. He gave us trials to test our faith. In his time, he gave us what we had always prayed for, our sweet Naylee Kenmyn Rayn.

Owynn says that December 6 is the best day of his life and that God gave him two sisters, Kendra and Naylee. Without a doubt, her family has become ours. Our plan is to have Naylee always know who her birth mom is and how special she will always be to us.”

by Stacey Lindsay, 41, of Iowa. Submit your own story here

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Credits: Stacey Lindsay
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