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How Michaela Codding's Tattoo Changed her Life
“Tomorrow is the 3 year anniversary of my double mastectomy.
And for the first time I looked down at my body and instead of disgust, I felt joy seeing beautiful artwork.”

“I have taken a big step to reclaim my body.”

Here’s what she wrote:

I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in January of 2015.

Today I received a mastectomy tattoo by an amazing human being and artist in Chicago.
His name is David Allen.

Truly one of the most special human beings I have met.
He has changed my life.

For the first time in three years I allowed myself to get into the shower and feel the stream of water hit the front side of my body.

For the first time in three years I allowed myself to look down upon my body and instead of disgust and pain I felt joy being able to see beautiful art instead of irregular and discolored scars.

For last three years I got out of the shower every time carefully avoiding both mirrors in my bathroom.
Tonight I took time to take a close look and to appreciate.

I am alive.
I have taken a big step to reclaim my body.
Thank god for options.

Please share.
I would love for other beast cancer survivors to know about this option.

---Michaela Codding

Credits: Michaela Codding
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Manuelarohr 140 points
Hope. Love. Joy. Tears. All in one moment... happy for you Michaela
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Feb 6
Michaelacodding 110 points
Thank you so much!!!!