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I think this is the coolest thing.
I think this is the coolest thing.
It’s called Black Men Smiling.
It was started by comedian Dennis Banks.

He wrote:
Today let's share some pics of #BlackMenSmiling.
Like big goofy smiles.
Happy (even if just for a moment) with life smiles.
Normalize happy. #BlackHistoryMonth
Where your teeth at?

As a white guy and someone who works in TV news I’ve seen over the years how black people, and especially black men, have been portrayed.

Stations, including some that I have worked at, would do stories on crime and show “file” pictures of black men.

Stations would do stories on welfare and show “file” pictures of black men and woman.

It may not have been done on purpose.
But it was still done.

Fortunately I can say that at KTVU we have had conversations about that.
And we don’t do that anymore.

I can also say that this story hits me on a personal level
Because I have a black daughter I am VERY sensitive to this.
I WANT her to see black men in a POSITIVE light.

I don’t want her image of black men to be gang members.

And that’s why I applaud #BlackMenSmiling
They have great smiles.
Wouldn’t you agree.

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