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Borderlands Produce Rescue - Rescuing 30 - 45 MILLION Pounds of Produce Annually!
Yolanda "Yolie" Soto: Since 1996, Borderlands has rescued 599,000,000 pounds of produce and distributed more than 547,820,00 million pounds of fresh produce to families.

Yolie's vision is to keep as much produce out of the landfills as humanly possible, helping the environment and distributing this produce to those in need, helping the community.

Rescuing 30 – 45 million pounds of produce and then coordinating the distribution of that produce, takes a monumental effort from the handful of employees who staff Borderlands.

2018 has started off with a bang, unfortunately some of our important equipment has decided to take a siesta. Needless to say, when you move as much produce as we do there will be breakdowns. This year Borderlands has been hit considerably hard with equipment failures and is in dire need of some functioning key heavy equipment. Our forklifts, lift gates, ride along pallet trucks and electronic pallet jacks are on their last legs or not functional at all. Some items can be repaired but most need replaced. Repairs and or replacements are both very expensive. All this equipment is crucial for use in rescuing and distributing our produce. Please help… Thanks for listening!
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