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This is my wife’s dad.
This is my wife’s dad.
He grew up in Philadelphia.
He had been an Eagles fan since he was 4 years old.
(He’s now in his 80s)
He’s NEVER rooted for another team.

I asked my wife what the Super Bowl means for her dad.
She got choked up when she said:

"I have watched my dad root for the eagles my entire life.
And they have never won a Super Bowl.
But he never waivers.
He is a diehard fan."

"As a kid, that was what we did on Sundays.
We watched the eagles.
When we got older and would say we had plans or had to be somewhere - he would look at us like we had lost our minds."

"I called him today and he answered the phone 'Go Eagles!'”

We also sent them a bouquet of Eagles cookies.
And my wife says he told his friends who are over for the game:

“If the eagles win everyone gets to take a cookie home.
If they lose, get the hell out.
I get the cookies.”

Go Eagles!!!

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