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This is incredible to watch.

This is incredible to watch.
And anyone who's a parent will probably get it

Three of Randall Margrave's daughters were abused by U.S. Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nasser.

At a sentencing hearing this morning Margrave lost it.
He asked the judge for 5 minutes in a room alone with Dr. Nasser.
The judge said no.

And that’s when Margrave tried to attack Nasser.
(It happens 38 seconds into the video)

After Margrave was restrained by Sheriff’s Deputies he said:
“What if this happened to you guys?”

A few minutes later Margrave apologized to the court.
The judge accepted the apology and said there was “no way” she would punish him given the nature of what Dr. Nasser did.

This is one of those cases where we all know that what Randall Margrave did was wrong.
But at the same time we all know that if we were in the same situation we very well might have done the same thing.

I’ve been in so many courtrooms where I see the family of the victim seated just feet away from the person responsible for killing or injuring their loved one.

I always wonder the same thing:
What would I do if I was sitting there looking at the person who killed or injured my wife or kids?

Honestly I could see myself doing the same thing as Randall Margrave.

To me the only good thing about all of this is that Dr. Nasser’s life is effectively over.
He will never be a free man again.
And he going to die in prison.

Given what he did, I have no problem with that.The disgraced former USA gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar had his sentence hearing interrupted as one of the victim's parents attempted to attack him. Randall ...
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