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He Heard A Scream From His Wife Upstairs...What He Found Left Them BOTH In Tears!

When JW Godwin’s wife screamed for help upstairs, he had no idea what he was about to walk into. She’d yelled at him that she had had an accident, but he really didn’t understand the scope of it all. He thought she would just be going through a few new beauty products that she had gotten from Amazon the day before…but one of the items fought back!

She’d put on a new shirt and wanted to try out a new teeth-whitening product. It was a container of activated charcoal that was meant to give her a whiter smile in just a few applications. She was planning to go on a retreat the next day…but she failed to read to warning that told her to open it slowly.The container popped open and landed everywhere! The light nature of the charcoal sent it flying through the air and all over her face, neck, new t-shirt…and the entire bathroom.

It worked!” She squeaked out through her laughter. “My teeth…look whiter!”

His wife couldn’t hold it together and just kept laughing at her own misfortune.Her hilarious accident went viral, and people were absolutely tickled to realize that they hadn’t been the only ones! Apparently, this was a common problem and a lot of people could relate!

Credits: via, JW Godwin

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