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Kristina Bond
Surprisingly diagnosed at age 34/3 advanced breast cancer spreading to my lymph nodes and we caught it right before it spread to other parts of my body and my brain and glad. I am a mother of four they are amazing children and I cannot be more blessed. I am also a two-year newlywed, we will be celebrating our third anniversary in June. My mission in my reason for reaching out to you is that it is so uncommon for women under 40 to think that breast cancer is even an option. In most cases, as a matter fact, insurance companies will not even cover and ultrasound much less a mammogram if you’re under 40 and less you have a lunch which in most cases is already too late. I would love to start a 501(c)(3) plan to get mammograms paid for women that are under 40 and one do you have the security of knowing that they are safe. Especially moms if you never make time for themselves. I have to live videos that I have had every single friend I know tried to tag you in, on Facebook, and it would mean the absolute world to me if you just took the time to watch the two videos. My Facebook name is Kristina Bond and you will see that my cover picture has a pink beans and my photo profile is of me and my husband and my four children. I know it’s a long shot, but if there is anything in this world I could do to save lives and make women more aware of the possibility of breast cancer in our bodies under the age of 40 I would do it. I’m sure you get 1 million of these request 1 million times a day, but I’m tearing up even trying to have this conversation with you through typing. This is so near and dear to my heart and I pray every day that I will somehow come up with the courage to continue to fight and not give up. Not only for me but for my for babies My Husband❤️ in the millio
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Kristina Bond

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