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“I was honored & privileged to be with Jason while he took his last breath.”
“I was honored & privileged to be with Jason while he took his last breath.”

Earlier this week I posted about Jason.
He was 44 years old.

Three weeks ago he got the flu.
Last night his family took him off life support.
And Jason is now gone.
Just like that.

Jason’s sister Arsie sent me this about Jason’s final moments, including what she said to him just before he died.

It’s heartbreaking and also incredibly touching.
Here’s what she wrote:

The past day or so has been a constant flow of visitors, friends, family & co-workers.
Jason’s wife and I got a call yesterday that Jason was having complications.

We rushed to be with him.
We knew it was time to let him go.

We prepared ourselves while waiting for friends to say goodbye.
It was time... his dear wife could not be in the room.

I was honored & privileged to be with Jason while he took his last breath.

The last words I spoke to him:

”Thank you for being my best friend.
Kiss Mom & Daddy for me!”

His passing was peaceful, the room was still, his body still warm.
I stayed with him hovering like a mama bear.

The nurses & doctors who cared for him came in one by one, with warm thoughts & sorrow.

(Finally) it was time for me to leave him there.
It was one of the most difficult things to do.
He was too young!

--Arsie Barbeau-Molina

Arsie also told me that his organs are going to be donated.
She said:

"As soon as we started having the discussion of “next step” I had the hospital put him on the donor registry."

So in death Jason will probably give life to others.

Arsie says that Jason was more that just her “little” brother.
He was also her “best friend.”

It's incredible to think.
Three weeks ago Jason was a healthy 44 year-old man.
Married with so much of his life and dreams ahead of him.
Now he’s gone.

The flu is no joke.

I don’t know what else to say.
I’m so sorry about what happened.

My heart goes out to Arsie and her family,
If you want to hit “like” I will assume you feel the same way.

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