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Special Needs Mom Raising Awareness About The Need For An All Inclusive Playground In Her City
My name is Mandi Riel and I am a special needs mom of 2 amazing children, Reese who has Aspergers, Bipolar Depression Disorder and ADHD and Lillith who is 4 and has Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy, Club Feet ( she wears braces on her feet), Moderate hearing loss in her right ear, speech and sound disorder as well as some other challenges she will overcome in her future. Due to their different needs and my daughters limited ability to get around a typical playground due to her handicaps I started looking into All Inclusive Playgrounds in our area. I was sad to have to travel an hour away just to go to a park with equipment safe for my daughter to use that was aldo made for children with typical needs as well. I started then bringing the attention to the disabilities committee and the news took off with it. Here is a live clip. We still need help as we have hit a stall. #OneMillionActsOfGood
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Mandi Riel 500 points
#ellendegeneres #OneMillionActsOfGood Will You Help My Family and I Make This Happen Please?
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Jan 23
Mandi Riel 500 points
Please share this so #ellen will see and hopefully help us with our dream of making this All Inclusive Playground a reality for our city this spring!!!
Mandi Riel 500 points
#ellendegeneres please help us build this all inclusive playground in our city? Wanna give me a ring on the phone lol... seriously I want this to happen so badly, it makes my heart hurt.
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Jan 26
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Feb 13