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This Cat Was Tired Of Its Human Rejecting "Gifts" And Tried Something CRAZY Instead!

No one can ever be 100% certain why cats do what they do, but some theories make a lot more sense than this next story. Cats enjoy leaving dead mice and other miscellaneous rodents on the doorstep for their humans to find, and some cats even bring their kills inside for their humans to admire. Does it mean that cats think we’re bad hunters? Are the dead animals tributes of some sort? In the case of Baloo the cat, the tributes had one thing in common: they were all still alive.

Ben would wake up to mice, birds, and other “presents” that would land on his face and chest where Baloo would drop them and meow. 

As you might expect, finding a live mouse scurrying under the blankets you’re trying to sleep in is a terrible way to wake up. He eventually became angry as Baloo was a very good hunter. He begged her to stop.

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