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Here's the third update for my Cut the Shit Challenge from January 17, 2018! I've been on a serious Quest To Weigh Less again since September 25 and I've decided to take my weight loss journey in 2018 to the next level with this weight loss challenge! Come along for the ride and see how I did and if you joined, tell me how you did in the comments below or post the link below to your update video for this challenge!

It's a 30-day challenge YouTube weight loss challenge that you could join too that started on January 1, 2018, if you want to jump start getting healthy, lose weight or lose even more weight! (There's still time to join - any time is a good time!)

During the challenge we will have none of the following for at least 30 days:

- chips
- ice cream
- fast food
- chocolate
- white bread
- soda
- cakes or donuts
- cookies or candy

I'm also trying to limit my sodium intake to 1500 mg daily due to health issues surrounding my blood pressure and cutting out dairy! These last 2 are optional and only limit your sodium if your doctor has asked you to do so!

I'm excited and can't wait to embark on this journey in my Quest To Weigh Less! Join me!


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