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So guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow.
So guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow.
Trying to figure out how to get this spray paint off the tile in my daughter’s bathroom.

I really wanted to be watching the NFL playoffs.

So here's what happened.

My daughter is studying for her high school entrance tests.
She did well on one of the practice tests.
And afterward she was very excited.
So she said she wanted to go and spray paint IN her bathroom.

I said:
“Okay cool go have fun.
Just be careful not to spill the paint.”

Little did I know she actually meant that she was going to paint THE bathroom.

Good grief.
I almost fell over when I saw this.

It was hard to get mad though because she was so proud of what she did.
I just looked at her and said:
“Don’t tell your mom.”

Next thing I know she's yelling:
"Mom.... come look at what I did in my bathroom!"


So does anyone know how to take spray paint off of tiles?????

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