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"A decade’s worth of blizzards ago, when my first baby was still a baby and so w
"A decade’s worth of blizzards ago, when my first baby was still a baby and so was I, he had the first of a series of surgeries.

When we were discharged it was late and the roads were terrible and the hospital staff tried to make us up beds but we were so shell-shocked and fragile from the waiting and praying all day that anything other than going home felt like too much.

Plus we lived, like, two miles away.

So we piled into the four-wheel-drive built-for-snow car that you have to have to live here and pushed slowly onward and upward towards home because we were warriors.

That is, of course, until we got stuck.

And that? That WAS too much. My baby was all stitched up and bundled up in the backseat of our car and my heart hurt from aching all day and I couldn’t see but for the snow and I got out of the car and walked the nearby streets until I found it, shining like a beacon through the blanket of white.

A plow.

And I ran up to it, waving my arms like a deranged lunatic because by then I pretty much was one, ignoring for the moment that the odds were very good that I, unseen, would just get scooped up and pushed aside into a snow drift.

And the plow stopped.

A window opened.

And there in front of me was proof that God loves me.


So I told her my sob story, sobbing, and begged her to please, please, plow us a path to our house so we could get our bandaged up baby into his warm bed and start the process of healing.

And she did.

And we followed her taillights across the streets and up the hill and eventually, into our driveway, where she drove off into the white and we climbed out and into our house and for a second, in the snow, all was right with the world.

I tell you this for a few reasons: One, to remind you that there are real people (heroes) out there busting butt so we can be safe and get home. Two, to remind you that sometimes to get home we need to ask for help. Three, sometimes it helps if you ask a woman.

Stay safe out there."

Submitted by Liz Petrone

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