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My little sister gives a homeless person the coat off her back
Dear Ellen, my little sister walks into work every day and passes the same homeless woman. It was cold and she noticed the woman trying to make a makeshift shelter out of sheets. She also noticed that there was a goodwill drop off station in the same parking lot. She went over to them and asked them if she could buy a coat and they told her no. That it's just accepting donations. She asked if she could have one then and they told her no. Frustrated, she went back to the woman and gave her the coat off her back. She is a kind hearted girl that will give whoever the apart of the smallest amount she has. She has always tried to do good and has tried to bring home homeless pets. She's had a rough time this year. I hope you can bring some joy to her. Watch full video here it got cut off. https://www.facebook.com/nicole.oliva.7/posts/1516804308368267
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Nicole oliva

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