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The Benicia Police Department posted a poem about a suspected burglar who was caught in the act.
The Benicia Police Department posted a poem about a suspected burglar who was caught in the act.

And some people were very upset.
They know the suspect and say he’s going through a very hard time.

They don’t condone what he did.
But they think the department’s post was disrespectful.

Here’s what the department wrote and then afterward is one of the comments I got:

‘Twas right after Christmas in Benicia’s Solano Square
A burglar was prowling , and with reckless care

While walking his dog searching for loot
But our officers could sense that crime was afoot

Early in the morning an alarm gave warning
This burglar made a mistake and the police came storming

Upon canvassing Rite Aide, they could hear clanking inside
Through an open back door that was partially pried

The criminal, 39 year old Benicia resident Brian Dodson, was found with a hammer
Attempting to eat ice cream landed him in the slammer

Prying in to the pharmacy is where he was found
Gloves on his hands and flashlight on the ground

Dodson was placed in to handcuffs, ice cream left inside
No loot for this thief, just a one way sleigh ride

Dodson was transported and booked in to county jail
Just another example of a huge burglar fail.

—- Benicia Police Department

Amy Plechaty knows the suspect.
She wrote to me and asked:

Just wondering how you feel about this.
Or maybe how your readers might feel.

I happen to know the man.
He is local father of two going through a very hard time.
He recently lost his insurance and suffers from major depression.

I’m saddened that my lovely little town would mock anyone in this matter.
Is this the job of the police?

I’m torn because I obviously know him and the police post offends me.
I wonder how it reads to most.

—-Amy Plechaty

In fairness to the department, most of the people who left comments had no issue with the poem.

And my guess is that the department wasn’t trying to ridicule him.
They just thought they’d come up with a clever way of talking about his arrest.

I think if anything, it’s a reminder that words matter.
It’s something we deal with every day in the newsroom.

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