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F*** Cancer!!! No mom should go this long without her kids together
A week before Christmas 2016 my mother called me to let me know that her doctors found something in her lungs and suspected cancer. Early jan 2017 they did all the testing and found cancer cells in her breast as well. After multiple tests and biopsys they finally had the results. On Jan 24 i called home to let my mom know that me and my girls lost 100% of lower leve contents due to a major sewer backup... Thats when she broke the news that the results were back. It was stage 3 breast cancer and had already moved to her lympnodes and around her lungs. Exactly 1 week later, on Jan 31, she had her left breast removed. Once she is healed she will start treatment on the rest of the cancer. It had been over 3 years since i seen my mother and almost 15 years since she had all 3 of her children together in the same room. Well we had a huge surprise in store for her. Us 3 children planned for 3 weeks for me to fly home to Newfoundland from Ontario and give her the best gift yet. The gift of having her whole family together. To surround her with love and support. I may only be home for a week but this memory of the excitement and pure joy on her face will stay with me for the rest of my life and nothing can compare to that!! (Original post with video)

Dec 2017 update: they had to stop chemo and proceed with radiation. It is done now but she still has to get injections every 3 weeks until march. It was a long tiring, painful road for my mom but come the end of march 2018 she gets to have a ceremony and ring that bell to signify her last treatment and hopefully be on the road to recovery! I hope to go home again to be there to celebrate with her that day! Maybe even one day be able to take my 2 girls back with me to see nana in person other than through a screen!
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