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He Doesn't Waste Time Decorating His Tree With Ornaments, And Now More People Want To Copy Him!

One town in northwest Pennsylvania has gotten a lot of people talking about what this man uses as Christmas decorations, and the reason behind his choice has gone VIRAL.

Instead of dragging out the same old Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree on his front lawn, an elderly man takes it upon himself to prepare a very different kind of decoration. What hangs from the branches of his tree are not cheap plastic ornaments, but items for the needy.

He carefully protects the items from the wind, snow, rain, and hail by placing each item in a plastic bag before attaching it to his tree. For many people in the area, the holidays are a difficult time. Money and resources run low towards the end of the year, and with the added pressure to celebrate among family and friends, many of those same families try their best to do without necessities as a result.

But this man wouldn’t stand for it.
Each day, he refills the tree with essentials. Clothing, coats, socks, gloves, scarves, and shoes for children among various necessities that the people around him just couldn’t do without. By the end of each day, he always finds that the items for children have been taken and puts more onto the tree.

People were stunned at the man’s generosity and plan to do similar things to help their own communities, planning to pay it forward in any way that they can.

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