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The Guy Who Reminds Me to Never Take the Small Things for Granted
"Meet my friend Matthew- who reminds me to never take the small things for granted!

I met Matthew about a month ago, every morning I go down to get coffee, I see him watching the elevators and escalators smiling ear to ear, squealing with excitement, and flapping his hands! Matthew is blessed with special attributes but many people wouldn’t be able to tell that!

He waits every morning for me now to say good morning, it makes my day. I’ve learned so much about him, he’s a special Olympics athlete ( he must have known about that special place in my heart), and he is obsessed with how things work.

So today he looked at the big Building I live in and said, 'I want to go to the top Meg, but they won’t let me in.' I told him, 'Well, I live there so I can take you to the very top.' He got SO EXCITED and squealed!! We set a time for 7pm to ride the elevators to the very top (my building has 20 floors and an amazing view of the entire skyline. It’s so pretty.) He was waiting with a huge smile right at 7 ready to go, we rode the elevators a few times, laughed, squealed, hands flapping. Made my whole night.

Thank you Matthew for bringing me JOY and teaching me to not take the small stuff for granted, like our new cool top of the line elevators that I go up and down in everyday not thinking twice about! If you see my friend around Loudoun or Fairfax County give him a hello, you’ll make his day and in return I promise your day will he made even more!" ♥️

Credits: Meaghan Marie
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