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She thinks viral will have her stressed...I say it will show her blessed #blessednotstressed #arewesillyoristhiswindow
So... My mom tells me months ago that she'd rather not stress herself taking custom orders...she didn't even take credit cards! I see her work, heart, and meaning behind her business/craft slogan as a friggin hidden gem! She may think she'll be stressed if she goes viral, but I think that we should help her to see it as blessed! I mean... seriously!!! She is beautiful inside & out, her work is unique, her prices are ridiculously reasonable considering some of these pieces take days to finish, I've seen her literally give things away to people who couldn't afford the item or to kids who wanted something, she chats for hours with customers therapeutic style, yet she's camera shy!!! Help me to bless an angel on earth...who just happens to be my mother...who may end up killing me if I get her work viral!!
269 views Dec 17, 2017

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