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Wendy’s employee inspiration
In a world full of seemingly never-ending hatred, lovelessness and inequality, these are the moments that need to be shared.

Yesterday, during our drive to Atlanta we decided to make a stop at Wendy's for an early afternoon snack. (You can’t pass on a 4 for $4) Mundane as ever, we approached the drive-thru and ordered our road trip nuggets.

I had payment ready before approaching the first window, as any good patron should. I was greeted by a lovely smile worn by Tracy of Wendy's store #5204 in Anderson, South Carolina. We exchanged payment for receipt and pulled forward noticing I had more than a receipt in my hand.

Tracy had taken time and effort to write me this note and handed it off as she wished me well. My heart filled with appreciation for this sweet and unexpected gesture. As we looked back towards her with intent to thank, we noticed her hand was steady writing her next messages to cars behind us. We left without successfully thanking her personally, so I want to take this opportunity to shine a light on this beautiful soul and do so now.

Tracy, THANK YOU! Your message was fully absorbed with understanding of its intent and I will cherish this note card forever. I will look to it when I am feeling less than enough which is more often that I’d like to admit.

What you’re doing matters and is sending ripples of love, kindness and positivity into the world. Do not stop.

You are appreciated.

For the rest of you, if you ‘SHARE’ anything on Facebook today, if it isn’t this post, let it be something beautiful. The world needs it.

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Mathew Fricks

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