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Sometimes there are just those days where you feel overwhelmed.
Sometimes there are just those days where you feel overwhelmed.

Southern California is on fire.
Hundreds of homes destroyed.
All those people who have lost everything.
And there is still no end in sight.

It just brings back memories of the North Bay Firestorm.
People picking through the rubble.
Looking for anything they can find.
Complete neighborhoods gone.
It’s almost incomprehensible.

Also today a former police officer, Michael Slager, was sentenced to 20 years in prison.
He shot Walter Scott in the back several times as he was running away.
I’ve watched the video.
What the officer did was indefensible.

I wonder how Mr. Scott’s family feels today.
I hope they are happy with the sentence.
But even so it still doesn’t bring back Mr. Scott.

Also today Senator Al Franken resigned.
I think he did the right thing.
But what about Roy Moore?
What about President Trump?
And for that matter what about Bill Clinton?
I wonder how all those women who made accusations against Mr Clinton would be treated if they came forward now as opposed to 25 years ago.

Also is all of this just the tip of the iceberg?
Everyday we are all left wondering who’s going to be next?
And how could all of this have gone on for so long and no one did anything about it?

Some of the things these men are accused of doing are just crazy.

Former CBS host Charlie Rose accused of walking naked in front of a staffer.
Does he really think she’s going to say:
“Whoa!! You are totally turning me on right now.”

And what is the satisfaction of forcing yourself on someone and kissing them when they don’t want to be kissed?
Why would you want to do that?

All of which brings me to the last picture.
That’s my daughter.
She’s 13.
(Don’t worry she hasn’t been sexually abused)
I just put her picture up because seeing it today made me smile.
She just got her hair done.
She’s very excited.

I think she looks absolutely beautiful.
Seeing her happy makes me happy.
And that in turn helped make this day feel a little less overwhelming.

I hope you have a good day.


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