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Students Surprise Teacher Who Lost His Beloved Dog With a New Puppy
"My 11 and a half year-old dog, Chip, had recently suffered blindness due to macular degeneration, and I think he finally just gave up. I was devastated, and shared his story on every social media outlet possible. My Seniors just felt empowered, I think, to try and lift my spirits. Effective teachers should be willing to reveal their human side, because we're all endeared more to those who are genuine in character. I did nothing more than this, in letting them know whenever they would ask, that my dog was deeply missed—nothing more, at all.

Well, recently, Mrs. Erin Schweighardt Gray, called me to her room to show me her 'Disney surprise', because she's a 'Disneyholic', like me... Well, I get there and I see all these students, my beautiful wife, my good friend and counselor, Thomas Young, and a host of others; and my students presented us with this beautiful, 8-week old AKC Golden—our newest family member, Clementine! Clementine has been a big hit with my dad, who suffers from Parkinson's with dementia and lives in a nursing home. Thus, Clementine has enriched all of our lives! We adore her!

We truly can learn much from our teenagers, and this is one such time. I love these kids! There are no words... I have offered to pay for the puppy, as I had no idea the kids were doing this. (I would never have allowed such a thing.) I will, consequently, be adding the estimated cost of the puppy to the Senior fund, out of my pocket. I'm completely floored and blindsided by their kindness!"

Credits: Troy Rogers
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