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"This kid. This kid right here, #20, came into our homes and our hearts a few y

"This kid. This kid right here, #20, came into our homes and our hearts a few years ago. His home life wasn’t ideal and we were able to give him a chance. When he joined our family his grades made him ineligible for sports and he needed summer school to catch up and stay on track. To have a chance to succeed. He came to us with the shoes on his feet and the clothes on his back and nothing more. My husband and I already had 3 boys and were a blended family. A little of yours, mine, and ours. But you know what? We didn’t even discuss whether or not we were going to take custody of him. He had already slid into our family seamlessly and we really couldn’t imagine him not being there.

It was expensive. Man was it expensive! Clothing another kid from head to toe, shoes, bed, school fees, lawyer fees, and food! Do you know how much food 4 boys go through?! But it was worth every last cent to give him a chance.

He’s now 17 and a senior in high school. He finished strong this football season with offensive player of the year and near record setting stats. But basketball has always been his passion. The first grading period this year he had a 3.6 GPA. Remember when he was ineligible? His goal next grading period is a 4.0, and I know he can do it. This video clip is from our first game of the season where he is starting this year. Picture it.... tied 60-60 in overtime. 3.4 seconds left on the clock and he throws up a half court buzzer beater to WIN the game!

That’s my son right there. Maybe not by biology. Maybe not by blood. But that is my son and seeing his hard work pay off makes my heart soar. This kid that had nothing now has a chance at it all. Good grades, college, a future. A chance. That’s all he needed. Just one person to believe in him and show him what he was capable of. People tell me all the time that he’s so lucky to have us... but I think we have them fooled. We, in fact, are the lucky ones."

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