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Guy Volunteers To Drive 1,300 Miles To Return Lost Dog

When this malnourished stray was rescued in Maryland, the Caroline County Humane Society couldn’t have predicted the incredible turn of events that would lead to their viral story.

After discovering the poor dog, they posted his picture on Facebook, but had no luck finding an owner. When they realized that he was microchipped, they learned that his name was Zimba…and lived in Wichita, Kansas, over a thousand miles away. They were eventually able to get in touch with Zimba’s human who had a heartbreaking story to tell.

Her boyfriend had taken Zimba on a road trip, but while he was away, the couple broke up. Instead of returning Zimba, the now ex-boyfriend abandoned the dog and stopped returning phone calls. She had no idea where to begin looking for her dog, but with a full-time job and children, she couldn’t take the time away to search. She was overjoyed to hear the news…but still wouldn’t be able to make the trip to retrieve her pet.

That’s where Zach comes in.
Zach used to work at the shelter, and when his girlfriend told him about Zimba’s story, he got a crazy idea. As a bartender, he had the time off during the week to make the round-trip to return the dog to his rightful owner…so, why not?

His story went viral and complete strangers offered to help him afford the gas to make it! Others offered to buy hotel rooms and offer to purchase snacks for the road!

Image Caroline County Humane Society

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