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How Do People Sleep at Night Doing This Stuff to a Blind Person

So we take Matt (my son in law) to Atlanta about a month ago to an eye appointment in order to let him see if these revolutionary glasses do, in fact let him see clearly. They do! He got to see Hope and the baby for the first time
Matt has LHON, if you don’t know what that means, it’s simply that he has peripheral vision only. He is legally blind.
The glasses are $10,000
Insurance doesn’t cover them, which is ridiculous. You’d think that ANYTHING that would improve the quality of life for a handicapped person would be covered. But no.
Matt works full time in a job that is even hard for sighted people, much less a blind person. He got certified to drive a forklift as well. Can you imagine working to be certified to drive a forklift when you only have peripheral vision?
Well, he did it. And he works. 40 hours a week plus any overtime they offer.
It’s hard to make any significant professional progress that will allow one to support a family when you are
Blind. This is no surprise.
eSight claims to be able to change all of that.
There are people who seemingly devote their lives to helping people with disabilities but eSight hasn’t gotten that far....yet. Does the government want people to work or do they want them collecting disability? I’m waiting for someone in the government to answer that one.
You would think that Insurance would also cover it because of the millions of people that are on disability due to sight impairment, which Matt is NOT one of them but there are millions. ESight would allow many people to live a “normal” (sighted) life, or at least as “normal” as anyone can live in this day and age.
Again, Matt works, he doesn’t get disability but MILLIONS of people do (for conditions not as severe as blindness)
No financing available.
So the eSight tells us we can rent them for 2 weeks for $500. Not so bad? No.
So we arrange to rent them so he can see Cruze on his first Christmas.
Then we were told we were given incorrect information. We actually have to “purchase” them for $10,000 and RETURN them after 2 weeks “if we decide they are not what he needs.” HE NEEDS TO SEE
Which is it eSight?
Can we rent them or not???
This time, I’m told we can. I just have to let them “hold” the other $6,100.
I’m so confused.
Then it gets even better:
Then we were told he could pay for them with CareCredit, a company that finances medical treatments not covered by insurance. Great! We are celebrating! So excited that Matt will be able to see!!!!!
Christmas will be great, he can also get a better job because, well, he can see, right?
I apply and get $10,000 in Care credit.
Call to order eSight once that is in place :
“Oh, I’m sorry, we don’t really take care credit, you were misinformed.”

Are you serious, sir?????
Ok, so we can “pay” for the glasses and return them after 2 weeks.
“Oh well, actually, there’s a grant you can obtain that reduces the cost to $6600”
No financing available
Or you can pay $2500 down and $100 a month for 50 months.
Wait, isn’t that financing???
5 different people
5 different stories
Several different disappointments for Matt.
How do people sleep at night doing this stuff to a blind person??????
Stop playing with blind people’s emotions, would you?
Rant not over, I’m just stopping for now.

Credits: Serena Martin
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